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AGQPE represent manufacturers with high quality and excellent value for money.

All our suppliers are fully accredited internationally and in RSA.

The scope of product they make allow us in many instances to offer a Turn-Key-Project.
This has the inherent advantage of having one responsible entity – AGQPE.

From table-top tray-sealer to a fully industrial thermo-former with
From table-top vacuum chambers to double-chamber vacuum/gas machines.
We can supply depositors and dozers, tub and bottle filling machines and more.

Even though we are known as specialists in food packaging many of our products are and can be used for medical packaging or other non-food packaging,


AGQPE is one of the first leaders in South Africa in promoting the use of the biodegradable and compostable packaging.

As such AGQPE has brought to SA the VEG-STARCH plastic known as PLA as well as the sugar cane pulp –made packaging.
These types of packaging are available on request.
AGQPE works closely with COLPAC of the UK.

COLPAC is one of the major innovator and supplier of degradable packaging and with its support we penetrated the markets in South Africa and in Southern Africa countries like Nigeria, Namibia and others.

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