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AGQPE can supply all regularly used materials and trays – PP, PVC, HDPE, APET and CPET.
We supply the excellent products of Faerchplast of Denmark.
- high barrier trays made from crystalized polyester. Good for freezing to -40°C, and cooking up to 220°C,
both in conventional ovens and microwaves
It is the most advanced form of packaging on the market today and has excellent barrier properties that aid
in increasing a products shelf life.

Both of the APET & CPET trays are excellent for use in     
vacuum/gas applications to extend shelf life

For very long and ambient shelf life (up to 24 months)
in a retorting process we supply the AMPET trays.

Ready Made Meals


The trays pictured above are just a very small part of over 700 available CPET trays


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Food Packing in Oven-able Board
This unique board, made in the USA is used by a  special                       
folding and gluing systems to prevent leaking of oil, water etc.

The container stays dry and rigid.
The food in the container may be heated in both oven
and a microwave.
These containers are locally made.

Fruit and Vegetable Packaging
Leading concepts of fruit and vegetable packaging  from Europe.                     
Economical and innovative packaging made of PS, PP and PET
for over-wrapping trays, lidded trays and tray liners.
Primary material used is PET because it is perfectly transparent,
absolutely recyclable. It enhances and highlights the product to it's utmost
Now also available made in SA.

Really Up Market

Torus Pak – The innovative HMR packaging.

Torus Pak came with a blazing innovation – No more do you need to turn your HMR meal upside down or spoon it out of the tray.
All you need to do is pull off the bottom lidding. Just click on the link and watch the video. We have all that required for you to
do trials and we are just phone call or email away.


Delight packaging.
Owned by the Finish group
Suomen Kerta
This packaging is a new concept combining board and PP or board and CPET. The concept allows using board for long shelf life
while adding two new advantages which were not available before: Complete integrity in sealing the trays and allowing for
vacuum/gas application. Using the surface of the tray as well as the lid (plastic or carton lidding) for colourful presentation
and printing of instructions, recipes and legal stuff.
Advanced facilities are able to recycle the packaging.

Lid options:

Films (gas tight solutions):
–Plastic films
–Alu-lids with sealing varnish
–Polymer coated paper / paperboard
Rim material and film sealing layer need to be compatible (e.g. PET rim – PET film)
•Snap-on lids:
–Hybrid (= paper-board & plastic), same technology used as with DeLight trays

Gas tight if sealable film is used underneath
•Sliding board lids:
–StoraEnso’s own solution

Gas tight if sealable film is used underneath

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