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AGQPE supplies a complete range of packing machines, from simple, manual
heat-sealing machines to semi-automatic machines for pre-formed trays
and jars with controlled atmosphere (vacuum/gas) to fully automatic
thermoforming and fill-seal machines for high output.
All machines and parts are of very high quality and are manufactured in Europe.

Our portfolio includes:

Food Pack Machines
Foodpack EasyBox
Semi-automatic machine, and easy to operate.

Ideal solution to M A P applications and thermosealing.
Easy and quick changing of mould for various containers.
Available at a very attractive price.

Foodpack Basic
Semi-automatic machine.

Ideal solution for M A P, or the simpler thermosealing.
This machine requires a small investment without sacrificing the quality requirements concerning packaging.
Proper sealing with or without the use of MAP is essential for maintaining hygiene and extending shelf-life.

The FP Basic machine is ideal for small to medium commercial operations. It is also the right machine to have
as a back-up and for tests of new products.

It is made of stainless steel and anodized aluminium, and is therefore suitable to work in high humidity environments.
Controlled by means of a simple, easy to operate control panel.
Sealing and cutting mould is pneumatically activated.
Can seal two trays per cycle, depending on tray dimensions. This allows it to double the machines output.
350 cycles per hour (without vacuum / gas)
Same machine with rotating table will reach production of up to 500 cycles per hour

Foodpack Speedy
Fully automatic thermosealing machine for pre-formed trays with high output.
Suitable for middle to large-scale production outputs.
Versatile quick-change of molds for different tray sizes (approx. 5 min).
Mass production allows the manufacturer to offer the market an in-line machine at a similar cost as a semi-automatic one.
It has an optional vacuum/gas system that allows one to obtain vacuum-sealed, skin and modified atmosphere packaging.
The machine has a conveyer and ejection slide system.
It can be used in wet conditions.
Automatic tray-denester is available.
Up to 800 cycles per hour (without vacuum/gas). According to tray size, the machine may be adapted to seal up to
        four trays per cycle.

The speedy-2 model is larger and will seal bigger trays, up to four per cycle.  

Foodpack 1400

The ILPRA FP1400 family of tray-sealers is based on the old reliable FP1400 which was first built in the 1950’s.
The machines are built to seal up to 1400 cycles per hour. They can be ordered operating with  conveyors of continuous
         movement or walking beam (indexed movement – allowing attachments like fillers etc.)

The FP1400 is the simplest machine. It is a work-horse built as an electrical mechanical machine.   

The FP1401 adds to the family quick size change and a PLC for ease of operation and  pin-pointing alerts and faults.  

The FP1402 adds the new film unwind system that allows precise placement when working  with printed foil. Its PLC can store up
          to 30 working programs that are easily uploaded onto the display screen.
All the FP1400 family can seal one or more trays per cycle, depending on size, configuration  etc.
All the FP1400 family can be ordered for MAP (Vacuum-gas) application if required.
These machines, as many others are working in South Africa for many years.

Fill Seal Machines

Opti 300
simple and cheap manually operated machine

Ideal for home industry
Using pre-cut lids

Fill Seal 1800
The Fill Seal 1800 is a filling/sealing machine equipped with an automatic turntable of 6 positions,  suitable for
         production up to 1800 pieces per hour.

The machine is designed for packaging liquid and doughy products, such as yogurt, cheese, milk,  margarine, butter,
         jam, honey, sauces, soups, etc. packing will be in pre-formed containers made of PS, PET, PP.

The containers are thermo-sealed with pre-cut lids.
This model has been expressively studied to satisfy the needs of small or medium production, providing the highest
         quality standard with good value and practical use.

It is a filling/sealing machine, completely constructed of stainless steel and anodized aluminum.  
Cleaning and maintenance operations are both very simple
The machine can be customized with several different options: filling system with automatic cleaning (CIP), lifting
         device for dosing, laminar flow cap.


Form Pack Machines
The FORM-PACK (Rollstock) machines are thermoforming- sealing-MAP enabled machines designed to perform
in industrial conditions. The category ranges from small, steady, easy to operate and surprisungly well priced
Easy-Form machine, through the bigger F3 and F4 models to the fully customized F5 model shown below.

EASYFORM is an in-line thermoforming machine with a compact design, completely made of AISI304  stainless
steel and anodized aluminum with IP 65 protection class. It is suitable for small and medium productions.

This model, thanks to high versatility, can be applied in food, industrial and medical field.
The machine can work with both flexible and rigid material
It is available in two versions :EASYFORM N for sealing only and EASYFORM VG for vacuum packaging and vacuum/gas packaging.
The machine can be easily washed; it is ideal to work in aggressive and damp environments
The changeover is quick and easy, The supplied brushless motor grants high precision and speed This machine can be customized
         with several options such as printed top web, coding units, dosing systems, slicers, in line flexographic printer,  as well as obtain
          the “Europe hole“ in blister packaging.

Form-Pack F5
The Form-Pack models F4 and F5 are thermoforming machines able to satisfy both medium and high production requirements,
depending on the different kinds of customization.

The main features of both models are as follows:

They can be used with a wide variety of thermoform films, including flexible, rigid and foamed  materials.
         All standard sealing materials such as plastic, medical paper and tyvec can be used.

The F4 and F5 machines are available in both seal-only format and vacuum-gas format for producing  vacuum, MAP and skin packs.
The machines can be customized regards the length of frame, the mould motion, the thermoforming system, the loading area,
         the number and type of cutting stations.

Both models are suitable for working in damp, aggressive environments as the chassis, all protection  covers and bearings are
         from stainless steel and the machine is IP65 rated.

No external lubrication is required.
Colour touch-screen with error diagnostic function. It can also display the electric and pneumatic schemes and some basic instructions.
Changeover with quick release
Other options include shape cutting, printed top web, coding units, in-line printing and labeling systems, in-line dosing/filling systems.  

Seal Box Machines - For pharmaceutical and cosmetics packing
Sealbox 500
A table top machine, designed especially to seal jars etc.

Uses film on roll to seal jars
Can be added to an existing line

Sealbox 420
An in-line machine capable of sealing up to 6000 jars per hour.

A modified version can also cap jars after sealing at a rate of one or two per cycle.
Use of precut lids or film on roll is allowed.

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